McGregor’s Garden began delivering milk and dairy products to the Denver metro area in 1996. We have grown into a full line food service company offering fresh, frozen, refrigerated and dry foods as well as paper goods and cleaning supplies. We specialize in child care facilities who appreciate personalized service and competitive prices.

What makes McGregor’s Garden unique?

  • No Minimum Orders — We welcome all orders, large or small.
  • Child Nutrition Labels — We inventory a large selection of USDA CN Labeled Products as well as Whole Grain Products.
  • By the Case or by the Can — We break down many of our cases allowing customers the ability to purchase only the amount they need.
  • Personal Contact — Our personal service insures you will always be informed of overstock, specials and other offers.
  • No Hidden Fees — Working with McGregor’s Garden you never experience a hidden fee, surcharge or delivery fee.

If you would like to contact one of our representatives, please call 303-296-6634 or email at orders@mcgardens.com