About Us

McGregor’s Garden began in 1996 with Neal Schweitzer selling milk to Denver daycares out of his home and a refrigerated van. The name was chosen by Neal’s five year old son, who was reading Peter Rabbit at the time.

Since then, we have grown to supply daycares and various other businesses across Colorado’s Front Range from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins. Our inventory has grown from just milk to a wide variety of refrigerated goods, frozen foods, fresh produce, paper products, and dry goods.

We have a strong emphasis on childhood nutrition. We stand by this by offering a full suite of whole-grain products, canned fruits suspended in real fruit juice (as opposed to the light syrup you will find in many stores), and a variety of products with Child Nutrition labels.

We are locally owned and operated out of Commerce City, Colorado.

How We Support Our Customers

Being a small business, we are able to provide an exceptional level of personalized service to each of our customers. When you call us about special ordering products outside the catalog, modifying an existing order, holiday schedules, or anything else that comes up you’re going to have a familiar voice to talk to and work out a solution with.

We know many facilities have limited kitchen space, which is why we break cases of most of our products into smaller sizes to accommodate the space constraints many of our customers face.

All of our orders are pulled by hand, allowing us to identify and remove bad product before it is loaded for delivery. Bad produce, manufacturers defects, and damaged products are all taken care of before your order reaches your kitchen.