Denver Milk Delivery

McGregor’s Garden began by delivering milk to daycare centers in the Denver Metro in 1996. We have since expanded to delivering food and paper products, but milk continues to be one of our core strengths. We now deliver to businesses throughout Colorado’s Front Range, from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins.

The Value of Our Milk Delivery

Many businesses such as daycares, assisted living communities, and schools go through large volumes of milk each month. This creates a challenge for these businesses because milk is heavy, requires a large amount of refrigerated storage, and does not typically have a long shelf life. Businesses will often send a worker to the grocery store multiple times per week to pick up milk and other perishable goods. Each gallon of milk weighs 8.6 lbs, so for a business that uses 10, 20, or 50+ gallons of milk per week this because a significant physical burden in addition to the wasted time and productivity of workers who would otherwise be contributing at their physical location.

Denver Milk Delivery

In addition to the challenges above, milk also requires constant temperature control. If the milk reaches a temperature above 40° during storage or transportation then its shelf life and quality will rapidly degrade. Even a 10 minute car ride at room temperature can bring milk to its “danger zone”, where quality and shelf life degradation start to take place. At McGregor’s Garden, we load milk directly from a refrigerated warehouse onto pre-cooled refrigerated trucks to ensure customers receive maximum quality and shelf life on their milk.

Over 100 Businesses Across the Front Range Choose McGregor’s Garden for Milk Delivery Because:

  • Our milk prices are competitive to grocery stores as opposed to expensive milk delivery services
  • Our milk’s shelf life averages 10 days from the delivery date – often better than what you’ll find in the grocery store!
  • We do not charge delivery fees or hidden costs
  • We deliver directly into your kitchen
  • Personalized customer service – we will work around your holiday closures, order modifications, and individual delivery needs

Does McGregor’s Garden Only Deliver Milk?

In addition to milk, we deliver a variety of other dairy products, fresh produce, frozen foods, and dry goods to businesses across Colorado’s Front Range. Our FAQ answers many questions around delivery schedules, product offerings, and how to place an order. Fill out the form below to get a pricing catalog for milk delivery and all our other products.

How It Works

You can use the form below, call us at (303) 296-6634, or email to get information on pricing, delivery schedules, and information on our full catalog. We will use your shipping address to determine which days we are able to deliver your milk. For Denver milk delivery we are able to deliver up to two times per week, and locations outside the Denver metro are able to receive delivery once per week.

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