Q: How often can I receive deliveries from McGregor’s Garden?
A: We deliver to locations in the Denver metro up to 2x/week. For locations outside of the Denver metro we deliver 1x per week.

Q: How can I place my orders with McGregor’s Garden?
A: We take orders by either phone or email. We can also place you on our weekly call list so that you never forget to get your order in.

Q: How quickly can I receive product after placing an order?
A: We recommend customers place their order by noon two business days before the delivery date (for example, submit orders on Monday for a Wednesday delivery). We do take orders throughout the day before delivery, however, in these instances our ability to fulfill the full order will depend on our inventory on hand that day.

Q: Do you have product formulation statements for your Child Nutrition labeled products?
A: We have product formulation statements for almost all of our products with CN labels and are happy to provide these upon request. We are working with our suppliers and manufacturers to achieve 100% coverage on product formulation statements where they are available.

Q: Can you provide nutritional information for your products?
A: We provide nutrition information for our all of our products upon request.

Q: Do you only sell to daycares and preschools?
A: No. Most of our customers are daycares, but we also serve nursing homes, K12 schools, and various other businesses.

Q: Do you help child care facilities plan menus?
A: We are always happy to use our experience and knowledge to help childcare facilities plan their menus. We also have a web resource here to give a general idea of what some options are.

Q: How can I see prices before placing an order?
A: We can answer product pricing on an item-by-item basis or provide our most recent catalog upon request.